3 Mindset Shifts for More Clients & Sales in 2021 🚀 💸

Agnieszka Krawczyk
3 min readJan 7, 2021

When you were first starting out your business, you were probably thinking of how you can help others, making more impact and doing what you’re passionate about…

But let’s be honest, the number one thing that drives your business and helps you create more freedom and impact is clients + sales + money 💸

This is a common struggle for many entrepreneurs, and not because of their lack of skill… but often because of their mindset!

That’s why I decided to share a few thoughts with you that might help you snap out of what’s been holding you back in terms of sales, money and pricing in your biz!

Psst… My name is Aga, I'm ex-biz innovation consultant & a qualified business coach for female entrepreneurs. I’m on a mission to help you design purpose-based business, so you can have more freedom, fulfilment and fun in your life! 💃

Ok, enough with intoductions, let’s dive into sales mindset shifts! ⬇️

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1. Selling is all about HELPING PEOPLE, NOT about sleazy manipulation and exploitation!

What are the first three things coming to your mind when you think of a salesperson?

Far too often we have a subconscious belief that sales are sleazy, pushy, desperate, greedy, dishonest etc.

That’s because we’ve all experienced bad, dishonest salesmen forcing really bad, overpriced products down your throats, or even trying to scam us…

But I bet that if you’re in your business to help people, you’re nowhere near these sort of salesmen :)

So it’s time to turn that script!

Think about the times you’ve been sold to and didn’t even think of it as sales… but as of someone taking care of you.

How did that make you feel? What did they do and didn’t do?

For examples, I’ve met a fair share of sincere coaches, healers and therapists who really cared about me and wanted to help me, and I was more than happy to pay them!

2. You’re not selling yourself, your time, or your worth (you’re worthy regardless of your CV!). You’re selling the results you help your clients achieve!

A common thing people get mixed up when they try to sell their services is their own self-worth.

Let me tell you, there’s no price anyone could really place on the value of your life, or of your time. It’s simply priceless!

So it’s much more reasonable to think of selling the specific results to your clients rather than yourself / your time (because that’s what they always pay for after all!).

You’ve got to separate yourself from your offer!

3. Increasing your prices & making more money doesn’t make you greedy or insensitive to those who cannot afford your services. It helps you grow your business and serve more people more powerfully!

I hear this so often, especially among coaches and healers: “but I want to help everyone!”

And while helping everyone is a noble thing to do, it doesn’t necessarily help to build a sustainable business that can make an impact for many people.

The more money comes into your business, the more you’ll be able to actually help more people.

Think of all the things you can do with that money: hiring the team, creating new offerings, investing in software, etc.

Ok, now that you’ve got to see my perspective on sales, try answering these 3 questions:

➡️ How could you make your clients feel taken care of (as opposed to SOLD TO) in your sales process?​

➡️ How much is THE RESULT you deliver worth to your clients?

➡️ How could making more money help you serve more powerfully in your business?

Have any of these mindset funks ever made you struggle with sales? Let me know in the comments!

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