3 Social Media Excuses That Hold You Back From Rocking It in Your Biz (and How I Got Over Them 💪)

Agnieszka Krawczyk
5 min readJan 15, 2021

When I started out my business, I majorly underestimated the power of social media and building personal relationships.

I was blocked around it and had soooo many excuses not to show up consistenly…

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Fortunately, I got over myself since then, so if you feel like you social media might be a good potential marketing tool for you but feel blocked around it, read on!

(Pssst, hi there, if we don’t know each other yet, I’m Aga, a business coach for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, nice to meet you! 💖)

Excuse 1: I don’t want to be bragging about my life on social media 24/h per day (AKA they will judge me!)

I hear this so often and I used to say this as well!

Before starting my business, I used to share little of my private life on social media.

I’m very embarrassed to admit that, but I’ve been very judgy back then when looking at people oversharing everything on their social media 🥴

The problem is, whenever you judge other people, you judge yourself exactly in the same way, so ultimately… you’re hurting YOURSELF!

Fortunately, since then, I healed myself with loads of self-love and a ‘judgement detox’.

Now, I know what other people do is NOT MY BUSINESS, only what I do is my business!

I realised that showing up on social media is like inviting my potential clients (or maybe even future business partners) into my world, and into my ‘shop’.

I show up on social media because I know I’ve got value and experience to offer that can help others, and that’s more important than my imaginary fear of how I will be judged.

So I totally get it, showing up in a vulnerable, authentic way can be very scary at first… Especially if you have a lot of people following you who know you from your past (isn’t that weird? Most of the times they’re out of your life for years, but somehow you still care about what they think!)

You know what happens after a while, when you keep showing up consistently and bringing value for your ideal clients, talking about their problems, your offer, etc.?

Your potential ‘judgers/stalkers from the past’ drop off and lose interest. They get bored and leave!

So after a while, you are left with your ideal clients who actually need your support!

And once you’re not so scared of everyone judging you, but you know you’ve got people to SERVE…

It gets so much easier to show up authentically!

Excuse 2: Nobody engages with my content / there are no buyers in my audience

I call BULLS**T!!!💩

I used to convince myself that there’s no point in showing up because I got ‘only’ a few likes on my posts or ‘only 30 views’ on my stories.

I heard this brilliant example from @makenzieco on Instagram which made me giggle: if 30 people pulled up their chairs in your bedroom bed in to see what you’ve got to say… would you still say there’s no point to talk to them? 🤣

The truth is… a lot of times people can watch you for AGES and then suddenly decide to buy, because they needed some time to get ready (sending love to my lovely lurkers by the way! 💕).

Also… never assume people can’t afford to work with you.

YOU NEVER KNOW who is on the other side and what’s their situation.

Just as an example… in my case, I told myself and everyone else FOREVER that I couldn’t afford to work with a high ticket coach, just because I didn’t feel I deserved to invest in myself.

In fact, I had money available to me and I ended up working with a rockstar high ticket coach, who made the effort to reach out to me, her lurker :)

Which brings me to the next point…

Excuse 3: I don’t want to be invasive, salesy & pushy

This one was holding me back big time!

While I knew that the best way for me to build my business was by building authentic relationships…

I felt blocked to reach out to my followers in private messages.

I was scared they would feel offended by me violating their personal space, or that they would judge me as desperate… etc, etc…

And then you know what happened?

Someone I followed for months (mentioned earlier) reached out to me with a friendly, natural voice-note and… I bought her high ticket offer.

So I started doing the same and Isold my first ever higher priced package within A WEEK!

Since then I realised that our social media profiles are like a shop online.

Just think about it…

How many times did you walk into a shop to see the the salesperson behind the counter BORED AF, reading a book or typing on their smartphone… not giving a flying fart about you? 😅

Whenever this happens, I’m usually out of there faster then I got in (even if I like what they have in the shop!) 👋

Check out my Instagram reel HERE if you want to have a laugh :)

But when someone looks at me, smiles, says hello… I feel noticed, respected, treated like a human being, so I want to hang around (and will often buy something pretty average just because I like the person haha!).

So, the next time someone is walking into your ‘online shop’…

Will you say hello?

Will you start a friendly chat, get curious about them?

See if you can help them?

And if it sounds like they need your help and they are the right fit…

Will you sell them what you’ve got to offer?

Do you ever feel blocked to show up or reach out to your audience on your social media? Let me know in the comments!

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